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For professional use by individuals or organizations

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Commercial License Includes:

1 (one) license to unlock FuzzMeasure at the time of purchase (including prior releases) for use in the office and at home on both a desktop and laptop computer.

1 (one) subscription* to the Software Maintenance Subscription Program, valid for 1 term (12 months) following the date of purchasing a Commercial License which includes the following benefits:

  • Maintenance updates
  • Major and minor releases
  • Premier technical support via email
  • Early Access to beta releases of the product


For non-professional use by hobbyists and enthusiasts

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Personal License Includes:

1 (one) license to unlock FuzzMeasure at the time of purchase (including prior releases) for use at home on both a desktop and laptop computer along with the following benefits:

  • Maintenance updates
  • Minor releases
  • Limited technical support via email

*Software Maintenance Subscription renewal fee: $199.99/seat/year. At the end of the first term, Licensees will get the option of either renewing or cancelling the subscription to this program.

**All prices listed above are in US Dollars ($USD) unless otherwise specified.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my Personal License to a Commercial License?

No. The purchase of a Personal License cannot be put towards the cost of a Commercial License.

I don’t have Yosemite, do you offer a version of FuzzMeasure that works on older releases of OS X?

Yes. If you would like to run FuzzMeasure 3 (which Supports Mac OS X 10.6+) then you may purchase one of the license options above. Then, contact us to request a license key for use with version 3.

Does my license qualify me for free upgrades?

Commercial Licenses with a valid Software Maintenance Subscription qualify for free upgrades to all versions released during the subscription term, including all major and minor updates.

Personal Licenses only qualify for maintenance updates and minor releases for the major version of FuzzMeasure you have purchased only. For clarity, if you purchased a Personal License for FuzzMeasure 4.0, included are the minor (“second dot” e.g. 4.1) releases and maintenance releases (“third dot” e.g. 4.0.1) for that version. Any new major releases (e.g. version 5.0 when you own 4.0) would not be included.

What is the license term for both Commercial and Personal Licenses?

A FuzzMeasure Commercial License is perpetual to the versions of the software released during the subscription term. Upgrades are optional and provided pursuant to Software Maintenance Subscription terms.

A FuzzMeasure Personal License is perpetual to the purchased major version of the software, only.

What if I decide not to renew my Software Maintenance Subscription?

Our licenses are perpetual and you can continue using any product version that we released while your subscription was valid.

Can my company use my personal license?

No. This is prohibited by the Personal License Terms.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to purchase FuzzMeasure. Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. Visit the Download page to get the latest demo version of FuzzMeasure. The demo is limited, but it will give you a good sense of whether FuzzMeasure will work with your hardware. Should you decide to purchase, you can unlock the demo by purchasing above.