Completely Redesigned

With over 50 new features

FuzzMeasure Specifications


  • Log Swept-sine Deconvolution
  • 18 total graph types
  • Combine graphs for custom views
  • Click-to-select Measurements

User Interface

  • Designed for Yosemite
  • Fast measurement workflow
  • Document Templates
  • Full Screen support
  • Autosave
  • Document Versions

Data Import/Export

  • WAV/AIFF impulses (up to 32bit/192kHz)
  • Graph data exports in CSV format
  • FRD Exports of Measurements

Graph Image Exports

  • Vector exports of graphs in PDF format
  • Raster exports in PNG or TIFF format with support for @2x scaling

Time Domain Graphs

  • Impulse Response
  • Step Response
  • Envelope Time Curve
  • Energy Decay (Schroeder) Curve

Frequency Domain Graphs

  • Magniude Response
  • SPL Response
  • Group Delay
  • Excess, Minimum, and Mixed Phase
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Harmonic Distortion Percentage

3D Graphs

  • FFT Waterfall
  • Low-Frequency FFT Waterfall

ISO 3382 Acoustics Graphs

  • Reverberation Time (RT60)
  • Early Decay Time (EDT)
  • Clarity (C80, C50, C30)
  • Definition (D50)


  • Perform Measurements
  • Manipulate Measurement Records
  • Export Data from 2D graphs
  • Export Impulse Responses

Audio Hardware Support

  • Core Audio Device Compatibility
  • Multichannel Interfaces
  • Sample Rates from 44.1kHz—192kHz

Hardware Requirements

  • A USB, Firewire, PCI, or Thunderbolt audio device compatible with Core Audio
  • Any Mac that supports OS X 10.10

Software Requirements

  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later

What's New in 4.0?


  • All-new interface design for OS X Yosemite
  • Improved interface when no measurements or graphs have valid content
  • Brand-new application, document, and license key icons
  • Vastly improved help file
  • Autosave and document versioning support
  • Document templates to help you get started quickly with a set of commonly-used graphs

Impulse Responses

  • Impulse response displays (including the window editor) now show the impulse response with its "negative time data" where it should be

Measurement Records

  • Windows may now be set to start (and end) in "negative time" before the impulse response peak
  • Calibration records are now accessible (and can now be changed!) in the sidebar
  • Level calibration for a measurement record can now be enabled and disabled in the sidebar
  • Microphone calibration correction curves can now be enabled and disabled in the sidebar

Image Exports

  • You can now export PDF images of graphs
  • Exported images can now have their sizes specified
  • Raster image exports now allow for an @2x option for exporting retina-capable graphs on the web


  • Individual graphs may be printed by right-clicking on them
  • Printing will now include all graphs in the list

Level Meter

  • Integrated into the main window
  • Now shows dBFS values before being calibrated
  • Can display A- and C- weighted values as well (by clicking on the (Z))


  • Now allows graph data exports (including comparison, averaged, smoothed, etc.)
  • Reverberation Time data can now be exported via AppleScript
  • WAV and AIF impulse exports, including bit depth settings

FFT Waterfall Graph

  • Can now be viewed in the main window!
  • The Waterfall graph can now be automatically aligned to start at the impulse peak
  • Improved waterfall performance now allows for higher-resolution waterfall calculations
  • Allow settings to use different shaped windows (Hamming, Hanning, etc.) in their calculation
  • Waterfall graphs also allow settings for FFT length as well

Energy Decay Curve

  • The Energy Decay (Schroeder) curve can now be shown filtered by octave- and third-octave bands


  • Separate impulse window editor that is accessible from the sidebar

Microphone Calibration

  • All-new Microphone Calibration UI
  • Microphone calibration records can be attached to input channels in the audio settings
  • Automatic online retrieval of calibration data for UMIK-1 microphone owners

Harmonic Distortion Graph

  • Now offers configurable harmonic ranges
  • Can now display averaged, added, etc comparison data
  • Now displays up to the 7th harmonic

Harmonic Distortion Percentage

  • Now shown with a logarithmic Y axis
  • Now offers configurable harmonic ranges
  • Can now display averaged, added, etc comparison data
  • Now displays up to the 7th harmonic

ISO 3382 Acoustics Graphs

  • Improved bar graphs with support for comparisons
  • New line style graphs for the ISO 3382 values allowing improved comparisons

Graphing Interface

  • Any of FuzzMeasure's graphs (including the bar and waterfall graphs!) can now be combined with any other
  • Multiple copies of the same graph can be shown alongside one another with different settings
  • A quick keystroke (command-option-=) now lets you reset graph extents quickly
  • Support for pinch zoom and two-finger panning (while holding command+control)
  • Each of the graphs carries its own settings that are saved with the document
  • Changes to graphs (such as setting extents) are undoable
  • Graphs can be dragged around by their title in the graph list to be rearranged

Importing and Exporting

  • FuzzMeasure can now import and export WAV format impulses in addition to AIF and TIM files

Graph Calculations

  • Many of the graphs are now normalized by default for easier reading
  • Mixed sample rate measurements can now be added, averaged, etc. with one another
  • All the frequency domain graphs can now be viewed with a linear frequency axis
  • Add/Average/Subtract operations for frequency domain graphs have been improved when calculating with decibel data

New Graphs

  • Clarity (C30, C50, C80) graphs are now available
  • The Definition (D50) graph is now available
  • The Early Decay Time (EDT) graph is now separate from the Reverberation Time graph
  • Low Frequency Waterfall graphs with a linear frequency axis over the 20-200Hz range


  • Clipping is now detected during measurements (on both the measurement and correction channels)
  • The correction channel is now also checked for an adequate level during measurement
  • Audio settings will now enforce a shared sample rate among mixed device environments

FuzzMeasure 4 requires OS X 10.10 or later