This document describes the Commercial License Terms in order to use and download FuzzMeasure. Use of FuzzMeasure is also subject to the Conditions of Use Agreement. Additionally, the Commercial License Terms contained herein are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Rode Microphones, LLC.

Commercial License

Commercial Licenses are available to individuals and legal entities, including companies and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) that require the software for general commercial use. Commercial Licenses are required for each individual using FuzzMeasure however each individual may install FuzzMeasure on any number of their systems (e.g. a desktop and laptop computer.)

Software Version

Upon purchasing FuzzMeasure, the license key you receive will unlock FuzzMeasure at the time of purchase (including prior releases) for use on a desktop and laptop computer.

Perpetual ownership

A FuzzMeasure Commercial License is perpetual to the purchased version of the software. Upgrades are optional and provided pursuant to Software Maintenance Subscription terms.

Software Maintenance Subscription

The purchase of each FuzzMeasure Commercial License includes the first year of the Software Maintenance Subscription, only. The Software Maintenance Subscription enables licensees to, during the subscription term, access, download, and use all FuzzMeasure software releases that may become available from time to time and to receive technical support via email.

Each term in the Software Maintenance Subscription is twelve (12) months in duration. The first term of the program begins on the date of purchase of a Commercial License. Each subsequent annual term begins on the applicable anniversary date of the date of purchase, provided the applicable annual subscription fees are paid.

At the end of each annual term, Subscribers will be given the option to renew or cancel their enrolment for the subsequent year. Upon discontinuing the subscription, Subscribers may continue using the latest FuzzMeasure version that was released during their last paid term, but subsequent updates will require a subscription renewal to unlock full functionality.

To become a "Subscriber", a Software Maintenance Subscription must be purchased for each Commercial License owned by an individual and/or company. The Software Maintenance Subscription is available to Commercial Licensees only and is not available for Personal Licensees.

When the Software Maintenance Subscription lapses, Commercial Licensees must pay for the full period over which they did not participate in the program in order to reinstate the subscription. For example, a subscription that expired 1 year ago must be renewed at a cost equivalent to subscribing for the previous year as well as the current year.

Software Updates and Frequency

We will make reasonable efforts to maintain the penultimate major release of FuzzMeasure so that it is operational and free from defects for our Subscribers. We will also make reasonable efforts to provide regular updates adding new features and improved functionality from time to time during the Software Maintenance Subscription.

We will make a concerted effort to test and be prepared for OS and hardware changes, but can make no guarantee that the software will be compatible with new hardware or OS releases as they become available to the public. Users with alternate requirements are welcome to access older software releases from before their subscription period.

Premium Support

Support is offered via email only and we will do our best to respond to all inquiries within twenty-four (24) working hours (where working hours are defined as Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Australian Eastern Time.) We reserve the right to prioritize and/or refuse support inquiries at our discretion, and can make no guarantee about our response times (e.g. when volume is unusually high.)

Typical areas of support include (but are not limited to) hardware configuration assistance (e.g. audio hardware questions, connectivity, etc.), AppleScript automation questions (e.g. requests for further automation support, assistance with script authoring, etc.), and priority bug reports.